Make a Romantic Candle Wreath

These are very easy to follow instructions, and it is a frugal and beautiful gift.
Most important, it is a gift made by you. It shows that you put thought and care into the gift, and your Valentine will appreciate it.
It's easy to make, and you can customize the candle wreath to suit your Valentine. Some ideas that come to mind are to spell out I Love You, Love, Be Mine, a name, etc. You could also use miniature dried or silk flowers, pretty buttons, beads, even seashells or Valentine candy to decorate the candle wreath.
Use your imagination and have fun. For inexpensive candles and materials, remember to check the dollar stores.The dollar store scrap book aisles often have elegant foil hearts and letters that would be perfect for a candle wreath. This is a very pretty gift to give, and would be a romantic touch, gracing the Valentine's day dinner table.
1. Cut strips of different pink patterned papers and adhere them to same-size strips of white card stock.
2. Die-cut, punch, or freehand-cut two sizes of hearts from the patterned papers. Poke tiny holes in some of the hearts to allow wire to be threaded through them.
3. Join the hearts by running wire through the holes and also by wrapping the wire around the hearts, measuring the candle circumference as you go. If you wish, slide beads onto the wire as you twist and bend it into curls and loops.