Make Romantic Candles - DIY

Add some romance and flair to your space with these great ideas:
Tie some pretty flowers, like lavender, around a glass jar and insert a candle. Instant ambiance!
You can apply a line of glue or use double sided tape to make the flowers adhere to the glass.
Use a Mason Jar or any glass jar and place a branch from a shrub or plant on the bottom. Add water and berries. The berries will float in the water. Insert a small tea candle.

Coffee lovers, rejoice!
Simply place coffee beans in a pretty container or cup and insert a tea candle. Walla!

Keep the beach with you at all times!
Pour sand in the bottom of a clear glass holder and add pretty seashells and a small pillar candle.
 Tip~You can purchase bags of sea shells at Dollar Tree.